Bespoke prescription treatments tailored to you by our Qr8 Medical Team. Formulated to treat all types of Melasma.


What Is Melasma

Melasma is symmetrical, patchy, brown hyperpigmentation on sun-exposed areas of the face and neck (and sometimes the chest and arms). It is more common in females, people with darker skin tones and can run in families.

Unlike chronic hyperpigmentation from our harsh Australian and New Zealand sun, which appears as random spots or freckles, melasma often (but not always!) appears in symmetrical patterns. Most commonly, melasma hyperpigmentation appears down the centre of the face, on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip (the dreaded ‘sun-stache’), nose and chin. The jawline and neck are other common places for dark melasma pigment, especially as we age.

If you suffer from melasma pigmentation you’ll know how frustrating and emotionally distressing it is. Melasma treatment is difficult and expensive as melasma often reoccurs after fading treatments, even with diligent sun protection. Because of this, melasma is considered a chronic skin disorder, and there is unfortunately no cure. Over-the-counter melasma skincare products are generally ineffective, and lasers or chemical peels for melasma are an expensive way to continually remove melasma hyperpigmentation.

What Causes Melasma ?

The exact cause of melasma is a mystery. But exposure to UV radiation from sunlight, as well as blue light from the sun’s visible rays, are the major triggering and aggravating factors. 

Because of our culture of sun-exposure in Australia, melasma is one of the most common skin disorders we treat.

Hormones are also involved. You may have heard melasma called ‘the mask of pregnancy’ because it often makes its first appearance during pregnancy. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy are other culprits.


The best melasma treatments take your lifestyle into account to help prevent pigment relapse. Our service does way more than just making a melasma removal cream or melasma skincare.

We get to know you – We ask about triggers like sun exposure and hormonal influences in our medical questionnaire so our doctors can invest time during your 1:1 video consult explaining the impact of these on your melasma hyperpigmentation and treatment.

Our Skincare Support Team provides advice to all our melasma patients on the best sun protection behaviours to protect against our harsh Australian sun, and specific sunscreens to filter blue light that causes melasma to reoccur and darken. Read the science behind this HERE and HERE

We design the best melasma treatment cream for you – Our doctors use clinical guidelines developed by our in-house medical and scientific team, based on the most current and best-available evidence. They use these to design the best treatment for your melasma – a melasma skincare product with a customised blend of active ingredients, available only on prescription.

What’s In Our Melasma Products?

We use the best evidence-based and dermatologist-approved melasma treatment ingredients to target melasma on the face, neck, and upper lip.

Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care For Melasma

Some pigment fading treatments for melasma are not recommended during pregnancy. We have several effective, pregnancy-safe melasma skincare options that can be personalized for you. 

 Read more about pregnancy skincare in a special edition of Gritty Pretty Magazine HERE

Myths About Melasma

We discussed this with UK dermatologist, Dr Natalia Spierings in our Instagram Live Series. Click HERE to watch.