Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Who is Qr8?

Hello and lovely to meet you! We’re a small, but growing, team of scientists, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and support staff here at Qr8 MediSkin.

Our journey began in 2019 when our founder, Dr Michele Squire, a PhD scientist, former healthcare executive and Registered Nurse, recognised that many people struggle with skin conditions for extended periods when they could be easily treated with prescription ingredients.

However, Qr8 is not just about providing access to potent ingredients in a safe and convenient manner. Dr Michele also realized that many people can’t use prescription treatments due to side effects that are manageable with the right guidance and support. That’s why Qr8 was created – to offer personalised treatment support from expert nurses delivered in real-time to ensure you get the best results possible.

We know from scientific studies that personalised support makes a significant difference in improving outcomes for people dealing with skin challenges, and we’re here to help you get on top of your skin concerns once and for all.

Read more about our team, HERE.

Who owns Qr8?

Qr8 is privately-owned by our founder – PhD scientist, former healthcare executive and Registered Nurse, Dr Michele Squire.

Read more about Dr Michele HERE.

How does Qr8 work?

At Qr8, we’re all about convenient and safe access to effective skin treatments.

Yes, we are an online medical service, but we’re different from any other prescription skincare service out there because we’re real people you can actually see and chat with one-to-one in real time. Our doctors specialize in treating a variety of skin concerns, such as acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and aging-related issues.

When you start with Qr8, we’ll ask you to fill out a detailed skin health and lifestyle questionnaire and upload high-quality photos of your skin. Then, you’ll have a 15-minute video appointment with a doctor who will discuss your skin goals, diagnose your skin condition, and recommend potential treatments. If you’re a good fit for our online treatment, we’ll provide you with a 3-month personalized treatment plan and a specially compounded treatment cream made just for you in a pharmacy using evidence-based medical ingredients.

Once you decide to move forward with the prescribed treatment, you’ll have the support of our experienced dermatology nurse who will act as your personal skin coach. She’ll provide you with real-time support, advice, motivation, and education to help you tolerate your treatment and achieve your skin goals. She’ll also work with you to create a simple, inexpensive and personalized skincare routine that works with your treatment. Scientific studies show that this kind of personalized support is essential to helping you achieve positive outcomes. We’re here to help you feel confident in your skin and take the confusion out of skincare and treatments.

At Qr8, we want to make sure you have everything you need for a successful skin treatment journey. That’s why our treatment cycles are set for 3 months, and you’ll have enough treatment cream to last you through that time.

Your doctor will be checking in with you regularly via video appointments every 3 months, too. This way, they can monitor your progress, celebrate your wins, and adjust your treatment plan as needed. Don’t worry about checking your calendar, our team will send you a friendly SMS reminder when it’s time to rebook with your doctor. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

What does Qr8 treat?

We have customisable medical treatments for:

  • Skin ageing concerns (lines & wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation)
  • Sun damage
  • Acne
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and Post-inflammatory erythema (PIE)
  • Melasma
  • Pigmentation (freckles, age spots, dark undereye circles)
  • Skin texture, congestion, enlarged pores
  • Dull, dry, skin that lacks glow or has an impaired skin barrier
  • Rosacea
  • Perioral Dermatitis

Currently, we only treat these skin conditions where they involve the face, neck and décolletage. We can treat some body concerns but treating large skin areas can be prohibitively expensive or not medical best practice. Contact our support team to chat more about this on (07) 3325-9700 or email [email protected].

At Qr8, your safety and wellbeing are our top priority. Our doctors will only prescribe skin treatments that are safe and appropriate for you. During your consult, if it’s in your best interest to see a dermatologist or another medical professional in person, we’ll let you know. But don’t worry, if this happens, we’ll refund your appointment reservation fee.

There may be instances where our doctor recommends you get blood tests or a skin check before they can prescribe a treatment. This is all part of our commitment to making sure you receive the best possible care. We want to make sure we have all the information we need to give you the best possible treatment plan, and we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way. We’re here to support you and help you achieve your skin goals!

We DON’T treat:

  • Vitiligo
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Broken capillaries (no topical treatment will remove these, but we can help address any underlying redness of the skin)

But we can recommend great clinics who do!

Where is Qr8 available?

At Qr8, our service is available to anyone who’s currently in Australia and has an Australian shipping address. We’re passionate about helping people achieve their best possible skin, and we’re happy to be able to do that for our Aussie customers.

While we would love to help everyone around the world, unfortunately, there are medico-legal implications around providing medical advice and shipping prescription drugs offshore. Your location at the time of consultation defines the jurisdiction in which the medical advice is being given. This is a fancy way of saying that regardless of whether an Australian address is provided on your form, this is not your legal location. Our doctors are only registered in Australia, which means we can’t legally provide medical services if you are located outside of Australia.

Additionally, it’s illegal for us to send prescription drugs overseas, and customs officials in any country can request proof of this at any time. This is why we can only provide prescription drugs to the person for whom they are prescribed. We understand this may be disappointing news, but please know that we’re looking at ways we can expand to other locations in the near future!

Who can Qr8 treat?

Our doctors can only consult with you, if you are:

  • aged 18 or over (we can treat patients under 18 with parent/guardian consent, and if a parent/guardian is present at all consults. Please contact our support team on (07) 3325-9700 or [email protected] for more information)
  • in Australia at the time of your consult, and have an Australian shipping address

At Qr8, we’re proud to offer treatments that are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or life stage! Our treatments are safe and effective for all skin types and can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and while trying to conceive. We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable using our service, and we’re committed to providing the best possible care to all of our patients.

How do I know what treatment I need?

With Qr8, your doctor takes care of all the hard work for you! Before your video consultation, your doctor will have already reviewed your questionnaire and photos, so they’ll be fully prepared to chat with you about a treatment plan. Now, that’s convenient!

Does Qr8 use ‘real’ doctors?


Every one of our amazing clinicians is an AHPRA-registered medical doctor or nurse, with experience treating thousands of patients using prescription skincare. Plus, they’ve all been carefully trained in prescription skincare and the skin conditions we treat, so you know you’re in safe hands! If you’re interested in learning more about each of our doctors, you can find more information about them HERE.

If you would prefer to check our practitioners’ AHPRA registration for yourself, you can do that HERE.

Our founder, brilliant PhD scientist Dr. Michele Squire, together with our registered pharmacist who’s skilled in compounding topical treatment drugs, have worked tirelessly to develop our customisable treatments just for you! And to ensure that our treatments are always accurate and stable, we regularly test them with an independent laboratory. So you can trust that you’re getting the very best!

What makes Qr8 ‘personalised’?

At Qr8, we’re all about providing you with a level of personalized care for your skin that is unique to us – it’s what sets us apart!

With us, you’ll have access to a whole team of skincare experts who are here to help. During your video consult, your doctor will carefully diagnose your skin and recommend the perfect strength of active ingredients to tackle your specific skin concerns, choosing from our wide range of more than 20 active ingredients. And our special Qr8 Barrier+ drug delivery cream contains skin-friendly ingredients like ceramides, panthenol, and niacinamide, to support your skin barrier during treatment.

But that’s not all – you’ll also have your very own personal support nurse available to chat with by text, email, phone or video, any time you have questions or need advice. She’ll even help you create a simple, affordable, and personalized skincare routine that complements your treatment. Studies have shown that this kind of personalized support is essential to achieving positive outcomes, so we really are here to help you every step of the way!

Read more about what’s included in our amazing support service, HERE.

What support does Qr8 offer, and why is this important?

Choosing to proceed with your prescribed treatment at Qr8 means you’ll have the support of our amazing dermatology nurse, who becomes your very own personal skin coach! She’s here to provide all the real-time support, advice, motivation, and education you need to stay on track and make positive changes to your skin.

In a video appointment included in the price of your treatment, she’ll help design a simple skincare routine personalized to match your treatment and preferences – whether that’s vegan, cruelty-free, budget-friendly, or anything in between. And whenever you need advice during your three-month treatment cycle, she’s available to chat in real-time via our dedicated text support line or by email, phone, or video. This kind of personalized support has been scientifically shown to keep you on track, minimize side effects, and significantly improve positive outcomes for patients.

Plus, our nurse is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to in-clinic aesthetic treatments like lights, lasers, facials, microneedling, and injectables, and can advise you on which treatments you can use with your Qr8 treatment and which ones may not be suitable for your individual skin condition.

And that’s not all – as a Qr8 patient, you’ll also have unlimited access to our patient library of fully-referenced educational resources (including our popular ‘best-of’ list of sunscreens!), and you’re eligible to attend our monthly live masterclasses where experts discuss topics relevant to skin health. If you can’t make the live event, don’t worry – you’ll still have access to the recordings. We’re all about supporting you every step of the way, and we can’t wait to help you achieve your skin goals!

If I ask a support question, how long before it is answered?

We take our patient support responsibility very seriously, and we want to be there for you when you need us. Our team is available through various channels such as our text support line, email, phone, and even video calls with our nurse.

Our head office is located in sunny Brisbane, QLD, and during business hours we respond very quickly to your queries. If you prefer to speak with a real person, we’re just a phone call away.

We understand that waiting for answers while dealing with side effects can be frustrating, which is why we promise not to leave you waiting for days or weeks without a response. We’re also not the type of company that sends you to social media groups to get answers from other patients.

Even outside business hours, we’re committed to supporting you. If you have any urgent clinical questions after hours, rest assured that our text support line and emails are monitored, triaged, and responded to as appropriate.

Our system is not designed for emergencies, however. If you feel like your situation is life-threatening, please call triple-zero or present to your nearest emergency department.

Do you treat all skin tones?


Our team of doctors and nurses are experienced in treating all skin types and tones, and we take great care in adjusting our treatments to suit your individual needs. We understand that different skin types and tones require personalised attention.

Our nurse is also here to help you find supporting skincare products that are suitable for a wide range of skin tones, including sunscreens that won’t leave you looking ghostly! We want you to feel confident and comfortable throughout your skin journey with us, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice and support.

My skin is very sensitive and I haven’t been able to tolerate high-strength or prescription ingredients previously. Can you still treat me?

Our doctors are experienced in treating all skin types and tones, and our treatments can be adjusted to accommodate different levels of skin sensitivity and skin tone – even if you haven’t been able to tolerate prescription ingredients in the past!

Our nurse will work with you to determine your skin’s sensitivity and recommend skincare products and application techniques that are tailored to your needs. We can also adjust your application schedule based on your individual response to treatment. Our team has a wealth of experience with application techniques designed to help you tolerate prescription treatments.

Using prescription ingredients under close nursing supervision, with the right supporting skincare products and application techniques, can be much less irritating and more effective than using over-the-counter or cosmetic treatments like benzoyl peroxide, retinols, and exfoliating acids.

Do you treat patients who are pregnant/breastfeeding/planning to conceive?

We understand that your baby’s safety is a big concern during conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. That’s why we offer a range of ingredients that are not only very effective but also proven to be safe for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when trying to conceive. You can easily identify these ingredients as they are marked with an asterisk on our ingredients list, HERE.

If you do become pregnant whilst using a Qr8 treatment, please stop using your treatment immediately and let us know. If you are planning to conceive while using our treatment, just let your doctor know during your consultation and they will personalise your treatment accordingly.

If you are planning to wean your bub before starting prescription skincare, please do this before booking an appointment. Our doctors are unable to provide a prescription for non-breastfeeding-safe ingredients for a time point in the future (because weaning doesn’t always go to plan – sometimes bubs have a different idea!).

Is Qr8 vegan, cruelty-free, ‘clean’, natural or organic?

We understand that many of our patients are concerned about the ethical and environmental impact of the products they use. We want to assure you that the prescription drug ingredients we use in our treatments are vegan and are not currently tested on animals, either by us or our suppliers. The Qr8 Barrier+ base cream that we use is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Our prescription ingredients are not organic or ‘natural’. Like all drugs, they are synthesised in a laboratory under strict quality control to ensure their purity and safety, because ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ do not mean ‘safe’ or ‘sustainable’.

The term ‘clean’ can be interpreted in different ways, has no legal definition or industry regulation, and fosters fear and confusion, rather than clarity. It also has no relevance when it comes to prescription medications.

At Qr8, we will always be clear and transparent about our ingredients, where they are sourced from, and the scientific evidence supporting them, to ensure our priority always remains on patient safety and satisfaction.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether our treatments meet your interpretation of ‘clean’, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (07) 3325-9700 or by email at [email protected]. Our team would be happy to provide you with more information.

Is the treatment packaging recyclable?

Because our treatments contain prescription drugs, it’s not possible to recycle the packaging, even if it’s empty. However, you can dispose of the used packaging in your normal household waste.

We understand the importance of being environmentally conscious, but there are regulations that apply when transporting prescription drugs in the post. Packaging materials that degrade on contact with water cannot be used, which rules out many options.

We’re always exploring options for more sustainable packaging, that is still appropriate for use with prescription drugs. In the interim, we endeavour to keep our packaging as minimal as possible.

Can Qr8 treat multiple skin concerns?

At Qr8, we understand that skin concerns may not happen in isolation – you might have several concerns that you would like to address. That’s why our treatments are personalised just for you, and individually prepared in a compounding pharmacy. And the best part is, our doctors may be able to tailor your treatment to target multiple concerns at the same time!

During your video consult, your doctor will advise you if it’s possible to address multiple concerns with your personalised treatment, or if one concern needs to take priority over another, at least in the short term.

How long before I see results?

At Qr8, we understand that every patient is unique, and therefore the duration of treatment can vary based on various factors such as your skin type, individual skin concerns, and lifestyle.

During your consultation, your doctor will take all of these factors into consideration and provide you with a personalized treatment plan. They will discuss with you the expected length of treatment, the average time it takes to see results, common side effects, and what results you can realistically expect.

Please keep in mind that achieving your desired results is not an overnight process, and it may require some patience and commitment. However, with the level of support and guidance we provide, our patients are able to use their treatment daily and see results as quickly and safely as possible.

How is Qr8 compared to seeing a GP or dermatologist?

There’s no in-person visits available at Qr8, but you will see and chat with your doctor face to face in a secure video chat. So dealing with long wait times, traffic, parking hassles, and queuing at the pharmacy will be a thing of the past.

Qr8 treatment is convenient, but still accurate and safe. Telemedicine is considered an accurate option for treating patients, when directly compared in scientific studies to an in-person dermatology diagnosis.

These studies were also only conducted using photographs. We use a combination of high quality photos plus a detailed health and skin questionnaire plus a video consultation. And our nurse provides a level of treatment support for you that is not available at any in-person service.

How are Qr8 treatments different to cosmetic skincare or ‘cosmeceuticals’?

At Qr8, we offer skin treatments that are classified as ‘therapeutic goods’ because they are prescribed by our doctors and contain drugs that penetrate deep into the skin layers to provide beneficial effects. These drugs are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association and have undergone extensive clinical trials to support their efficacy and safety.

On the other hand, cosmetics are defined as products that produce superficial effects, such as temporarily plumping lines and wrinkles, and are evaluated using lower levels of clinical data before being sold to consumers in a retail setting, without a true medical ‘prescription’.

While some companies use the term ‘cosmeceutical’ to imply drug-like effects, it is important to note that they are still regulated as cosmetics so have the same standards for evidence as any moisturiser or serum.

At Qr8, we prioritize the efficacy and safety of our treatments, and our doctors will work with you to create a personalized plan that addresses your unique skin concerns.

Can I use my normal skincare products with Qr8 treatment?

Your treatment cream contains gold-standard prescription ingredients, which are highly effective for the skin conditions we treat.

Along with just a plain cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, your treatment is designed for daily use. Our nurse will recommend a simple and inexpensive skincare routine tailored just for you, including product recommendations to support your individual treatment and skin. This is included in the price of your treatment.

By using our treatments, most of our patients save money by not having to purchase extra products like serums or masks, or attend in-clinic treatments. We are committed to reducing waste and will always try to incorporate any skincare products you already have into your treatment plan if they are safe to use with prescription treatment.

Can you guarantee that Qr8 treatment works?

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of a medical treatment, we want you to know that we are committed to providing you with the best possible care.

Our prescription ingredients are the gold-standard treatments in the scientific literature for the skin conditions we treat, and we will work closely with you to ensure that you are using the treatment cream as prescribed and taking all necessary steps to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

Your doctor will discuss any issues that may impact your treatment outcomes, including proper use of sun protection, other drugs or cosmetic skincare you use, pre-existing health and skin conditions, and health or lifestyle behaviours that contribute to skin health before advising timelines to achieve results and what results you can realistically expect, so that you feel informed and confident in your care.

What happens if I have a reaction or side effects?

We take your health and well-being seriously, and our treatments are carefully designed to provide the best possible care for your skin condition.

Your doctor will take into account your medical history and any possible side effects when designing your treatment plan, and will discuss common side effects with you during your consultation.

We understand that starting a new treatment can be an adjustment period, and it is normal to experience some degree of skin dryness, itching, ‘face dandruff’ type of flaking, temporary redness, or even increased breakouts. But don’t worry, our nurse is here to support you every step of the way with answers and advice to keep side effects to a minimum. You will also receive detailed written instructions via email from the pharmacy, and our skincare support consultation will cover how to minimise and manage any common side effects. Our nurse is available to personally answer any questions that arise during your treatment period, and provide advice on application techniques, skincare products, and more.

While we do not provide refunds, exchanges, or free reformulations if reactions or unforeseen skin responses occur, we want you to know that we are here to help, and take your trust in us very seriously. Our service is not designed to handle emergency situations, however. If you feel you are experiencing a life-threatening reaction, please present to the nearest emergency department or call triple-zero.

Sometimes unforeseen skin conditions flare up during treatment, like perioral dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis. In these cases, an additional review with your doctor may be required and will incur an extra charge.

How secure is my personal health information?

We understand how important your privacy and confidentiality are to you, and we want you to know that we take these issues just as seriously. As part of our commitment to your care, we follow all legal obligations with respect to patient confidentiality, and your health information is only used to ensure your treatment is as safe, customized, and appropriate as possible, as well as to ensure continuity of your care.

We want you to feel completely secure when sharing your clinical details and photographs with us, and we will never share this information with anyone outside our clinical team without your written consent, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We never use photos for marketing purposes unless you give us your express written permission, after viewing the images.

We take extra measures to keep your private health information secure. All forms containing personal health information (including photographs) are encrypted, transmitted, and stored in accordance with the HIPAA Security Rule, which is typically used as the international standard for the physical and electronic safeguards required for the management of Protected Health Information. We do not share your private health information with marketing platforms like Google or Meta.

To ensure the highest level of security, we use a HIPAA-compliant, dedicated telehealth system for video consults, rather than standard video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, or Facetime. We also do not record audio or video during your consult. Your personal health information is stored in a secure HIPAA-compliant patient records platform, and text communications via our Text Support Line are encrypted using 256 bit SSL technology to prevent others from intercepting and reading any information during transit. Our platform also uses a Domain Validated Security Certificate, which provides extra protection against someone attempting to impersonate it. Please know that your privacy and confidentiality are always our top priority, and we are committed to keeping your information secure.

Deleting medical records

As with any medical record, we are obliged to store your records, including photographs, for ten years (or ten years from the year you turned 18, if you are a child). Inactive patient files (including photographs and correspondence) are archived in our secure patient records system.


We cannot legally provide details of treatment or payments, to anyone other than the person who has registered a profile in our system (unless that person is aged less than 18 years, and their parent/guardian is a payee on their account).

Can I order on behalf of someone else?

Qr8 is available for your personal use, only. Our doctors will use the photographs from your questionnaire to identify you during your appointment, as well as identifying you by name.

If you are a parent or guardian of a minor under the age of 18, you can help them fill out the questionnaire, and you must accompany them to all appointments. We will communicate with the legal parent or guardian, unless instructed otherwise.

You can also attend an appointment with a friend or family member as a support person, but if they need the help of a translator to understand and communicate with the doctor, a registered medical translator is needed. You can book a translator using THIS service.

If you enjoy using our service and would like to share it with your friends or family, we do offer gift cards. Please note that your friend or family member may not be suitable for treatment once assessed by our doctor. If this is the case, we will refund the gift card amount to you. To arrange a gift card, please contact our friendly support team at (07) 3325-9700 or email us at [email protected].

Where can I find the expiry date of my cream?

Your cream will be compounded fresh for you in the pharmacy and the expiry date will be 90 days from that day. You can find the date printed on the pharmacy label attached to your treatment, a shown here:


We always want to make sure that you are using the safest and most effective treatment, so we do not recommend using the cream after the expiry date. This ensures that the ingredients remain effective and safe for use. If you have any concerns or questions about the expiry date, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

Do you sell the skincare products you recommend during treatment?

Absolutely! We would be happy to provide you with a supporting skincare starter kit, and our nurse will recommend one for you in your detailed Skincare Plan.

Are your creams TGA approved?

At Qr8, we take the safety and efficacy of our skin treatments very seriously. Our treatments contain drugs that penetrate deep into the skin layers to produce beneficial effects, so are classified as ‘therapeutic goods’ and require a doctor’s prescription to obtain them.

All of the drugs we use are approved by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and have undergone extensive clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness. They are also obtained from TGA-approved suppliers to ensure you receive the highest quality and safest treatment possible.

What sets Qr8 apart from other online prescription skincare providers?

Qr8’s industry-leading treatment support goes above and beyond what other online skincare services offer (anywhere in the world!).

While some platforms provide prescriptions (and sometimes even offer similar ingredients), we take it a step further by providing personalised support throughout the entire treatment process, so that you can actually use your prescription daily as quickly and safely as possible and get results. This kind of support has been shown in scientific studies to significantly improve treatment outcomes for patients.

Take a look at just some of our results, HERE.

You can also compare our service to others, HERE.

Our commitment to care and kindness

We operate in accordance with the Medical Board of Australia’s Telehealth Safety and Good Medical Practice Guidelines to ensure your safety at all times, so a treatment will only be prescribed if you are appropriate for prescription skincare using a remote service.

We foster a caring and respectful environment for everyone and we ask that the same courtesy be extended to our doctors and staff. Failure to do so may necessitate restricting access to our services.